NorCal Excavating Inc. was established in October of 2000, by Kyle Garner. He purchased a dozer and began lot grading in several track housing projects in the Chico area.  His hard work soon led to trenching utility lines and a need of a backhoe. 

For the next couple years the residential market boomed and the business expanded. A good majority of NorCal's time was consumed working in hard rock in a gated community on a golf course in the foothills of Chico.

The company went corporate in August of 2003.  As the economy changed, the business expanded into commercial, industrial and public work services.

Currently NorCal has the capability to run multiple crews and operates over 30 pieces of equipment.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we can do a job from start to finish. From demolition, to the underground utilities, to the site grading and even concrete. We have worked side by side for over 10 years with a family owned trucking company, asphalt company, and more recently aggregate supply and recycling company. By keeping most functions of the job within our own workforce it insures that the job can be done within our budget and our timeline, thus giving the best quality job to our customers.

In February of 2008 we invested in the accuracy of our estimating and accounting services.  NorCal uses cutting edge technology with fully integrated estimating and accounting software.  The estimating process begins with digitizing plans to establish take off quanities in either: Quest Earthwork, Quest Trenchwork or Quest Roadwork. It is then sent to Quest Estimator where unit costs are applied to quantities, which then prepares the bid package. Once this job is accepted the bid file is directly transfered into American Contractor, our accounting software.  Here the  job will be tracked by job cost, production and job scheduling. 

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